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iRaxer join request :D

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What's your nickname(s), age and location: My ingame name is iRaxer since from 2007-2008 on that year I was searching for good one and I was remain on raxer what is coming from racer just one letter is changed :D, my real name is Dani.

Where I'm from: Normally I'm from from Romania, more inside I was born in Cluj-Napoca (it's a beautiful city anyway I love it) but right now I'm living in England, more inside in Wellingborough, its a small city here in the 🇬🇧 but its alright.

AgeI'm 23 old, born date 10.07.1998.

You're history in-game: I have been playing this game since 2006. But i was playing other games as well but not much, I was start playing more between 2011-2014 after that i was stop playing for 4 years, till 2018 after that I was start again for like 1 year, after I stopped again for 1 and half year and now from 2020 I'm playing really often :).

Have you been in any clans: THQ|- I was in this clan really long on the beginning, I was playing OS maps 😄

/AiR\ - on this one I was like for 1 year just after everybody was quiting and I was quit as well. 

~DM~ this one it was as well really long time ago, the founder was Hungarian, I was in that clan for 4 months.

[GoD]- this clan is not active anymore, couple of people is on but its really quiet clan, and I was decide to quit from there, I was in that clan for 3 years.

Why do you want to join n!: I was looking for a clan which one is active with members and player's, I choose this clan because I like the server is really smooth and the people from server they looks cool to me. I also would like  to play with you guys ClanWars. 😄

How can you help our community: I'm a active player, I can play ClanWars if I meet the requirements. I don't know if I can help you with something more but we will see I'm an open mind person. Just feel free and ask me. And I'm active on discord too.

How can we contact you:

Discord: Danny.Raxer#1885

Instagram: szocs_dani98

Facebook: Szocs Dani

King regards 

iRaxer! (Szocs Dani)

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