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Szymon Join Request

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What's your nickname(s), age and location?:

Nickname Szymon, age 17, location is finland for now but from is Russia

Your history in-game:

i start to play mta like 5 year ago and i was played in good clan's there was best clans so i think no need to talk more about this history but i wants to tell this when i started to play mta firstly played like roleplay servers and after that someone called me on dm and i was played for fun at begin but after some 1 2 year i learned there in dm play's cws or any other things like tournament anway this is history :D

Have you been in any clans?: 

|-NxR-| - Left 

iW// Iron Will - Kicked ( because after i join clan was inactive for i was study for uni)

and i have been in good clans tho as i remember these clans .

Why do you want to join n! ?:

so as i know Nice Gaming is new and im back to game new, so i think its will be useful for me.

How can you help our community?:

im the DM HUNTER player i mean i mosly play dm hunter, but ill play the wff tho and im good playing on hunter maybe ill carry the clan.

How can we contact you?: 

the discord name is : KacperM#3016

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Good luck!


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