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    Hello ! 1- What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Nickname : Ali- / age : 15 / location : Egypt 2- Your history in-game: At first i would like to say that i started this game in 2013-2014 and started with Arabic servers because iam arabic and then i got to know FFS server after that i played for a while until i got addicted . i got to know a lot of people and then some of them told me about Foxx , 3R servers and then i heard about this server so i loved to be part of it . 3- Have you been in any clans?: Demons In Heaven ( LEFT ) Nab Team ( Closed ) 4- Why do you want to join n! ?: I searched for a lot of clans but didn't feel like they fit me but n! i feel its suits me so i would like to join and make new friends and benefit from the member's experience . 5- How can you help our community?: I feel that my DM experience will help me to play Clan Wars and I can help manage the server as much as i can because i'll be active for a long time . 6- How can we contact you?: Discord : Ali-#1115 In the end, I hope you will accept me as a member of the clan with best wishes .
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