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  1. What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My nickname: xR0XYz# my age: 19 my location : Egypt.Cairo Your history in-game: Well, i started MTA since 2014's i was playing alot of servers and i wasn't like Shooter in first but when i start playing shooter since 2017 i was intrested for those players who playing With That pro aim And i was like " How can they do that !? " so i was trying alot in random servers for shooter to learn from pros and have some experiance from them And trainning and i was trying so hard to be like them and how they aim be like that So in 2018/2019 i start join 3R / FFS Have you been in any clans?: nah not yet Why do you want to join n! ?: Im searching for good team and im trying to join n! to have more friends and Play cws And i see some of my friends in n! so i wan't join the clan How can you help our community?: in shooter i can help in cws and i can help about make the clan more popular for the another players How can we contact you?: Discord : SU!#4884 And TY for reading my JR
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