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  1. What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Hello my name is Alperen im 19 years old I live in Turkey my IGN "Exii" but some players as know "Bronxy,Zwac" Your history in-game: I started my career in the summer of 2013.I was looking for a server when I started, and I logged in to any server,and I started playing, and then I found out, and I said the name is "DD" and some friends.After 3 years on that server, I discovered 3R Server.There was only "fun" back then.I decided to play fun.After playing "fun" for 1 year, I went back to playing "dd" and I realized that 3R had a dd team.And I put it in my head, I was going to get into 3R's dd team.Of course, my english was not enough at the time.I started learning English by realizing that. I developed my English and started to make friends.I started to be recognized slowly, but I had to take a break from the game due to a problem that was sliding from my computer. And 2 months later, I was back and solve problems.Now everything was ready,there was no obstacle to move ahead, and now I was ready for everything, but it didn't.now I figure out what's going on, and I'm back. Have you been in any clans?: 3R,uF,KekZ,HSS,nG Why do you want to join n! ?: I don't have a specific reason, I would like to be in clan which I will be feeling in like in the family How can you help our community?: I hope I'm one of the best candidates.I will guarantee that I can shed light on my English and my skills,and I think I can be the best manager if I can enter the staff.Loyalty,perseverance,work, and I think that I will be a light for friends who want to enter, How can we contact you?: my discord : crawledse#6685
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