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  1. What's your nickname(s), age and location?: Spott# 22 years old and I'm Chile. Your history in-game: I've been in MTA since 2010, I've been inactive as active and I hightlight on DM maps and few HDM maps. I love playing backwards maps and in hunter game more or less. I've been to a lot of clans but I recently went back to mta and my last clan was X# Xenous Have you been in any clans?: The most important are -|ExM|-, |-XpR-|, TR|, NxR| and X#. Why do you want to join n! ?: because I have friends from previous clans and I want to be able to enjoy this game with them How can you help our community?: In any way I can as long as I're not a scripter How can we contact you?: Discord: PhoenixDNI#0711 Steam: chispita69
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