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  1. Nickname: Tytan Name: Abi Date of birth: 21.7.2002 Country: Romania Contact (Discord/Skype): TYT! #8000 Why do you want to join?: I would like to join the clan mostly because I left United Force and i still want to experience the feeling being în a team and helping it . I studied all the clans for a few days and I came to the conclusion that this is the most fitted clan for me. How can you help our community?: Well, I guess the only thing a new member can do, is to help the teammates in clanwars, also if the leaders give me other tasks I am free to help. Activity: I dont think activity will be a problem since I play mta everyday. U will probably see me playing everyday on the lumiverse server. More than that i am active on discord non-stop în the day time, so if u have a discord server i am very pleased to join it. Roles: My main role is WFF/DM but I can play HDM also if I get requested . Your history in-game: I started playing mta in 2014 (greatest year of playing mta in my opinion), after 2 years of playing it almost everyday, I suddenly stopped playing it until 2019 when I came back to it. Now after almost 2 years of mta I can say that i would never take a break from it because I caught an addiction for this game.I used to play on SKC server for a very long time in the past (2014-2016), then in 2019 i came back to SKC for 5 or 6 months and after that i switched to FoXX server.And now, in the present i play only on lumiverse server. In which clans have you been before?: My 1st and only clan I have been in before, was United Force, it was a nice clan but everyone needs changes and my time has come. I was member in the United Force clan for around 1 year.
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