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  1. Careless

    SmithZ's maps

    Thanks for Sharing !
  2. What's your nickname(s), age and location Careless , 24 and i live in Bahrain Your history in-game Well , as far i remember i started playing back to 2011 i started playing in vip server and other local servers , then i joined to a clan called double power until it get closed in 2014 and after it closed i left the game , I back to the game in 2017 for a few months and i join to clan called fellow team and it get closed as well , after few months i left the game again , and i get back again to the game this year 2021 before 2 months. Have you been in any clans -[DP]- Double Power - Co Leader [Closed] lFTl Fellow Team - Member [Closed] Why do you want to join n! I was searching for a good clan , I want to have fun while playing we other mates and playing a clanwar's with a pro clan is very interesting How can you help our community I can help in DM Clanwars How can we contact you Ahmed112#3229
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