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  1. General Information: Name: +Awaken#' / Tommy Age: 21 Country/Location: Germany (GER) Contact: Discord: Awaken.#4314 About me: Hi! My name is tommy, I'm 21 years old. I live in germany and work as a retail salesman at a gas station. I am helpful and in my spare time I like to play video games like League of Legends, Mta or Rocket League. Ingame History: I started playing mta in 2013 after 3 years playing on TG-Server nearly everyday i was forced to stop playing because of hardware damage. When i came back i was playing on FFS and TG, mostly i played on SKC. Because of private reasons i needed to take another break sadly... since then i am back and ready to take off on lumiverse server. Old Clans: - Team SKC (SKC) - closed - Anime Race (aR) - left - because of private reasons. - Veterans! (v!) - left - was too busy - Skilled Gaming (-sK-) - closed Why i want to join n! ?: Seems like it is a profressional, nice clan and there is a friend in the clan that showed it to me so i want to join and be a part of this great clan. Why me?: I am an active one in discord, mta and i like to search the forum for some news so i'm always up to date also i can help in clan wars or do other tasks like little designs. Additional Information: If you have any questions, that not are answered in my join request i would be glad to answer it also feel free! Greetings, Tommy / +Awaken#'
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