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  1. ・✶Join Request - (Shooter) Hi, My real name'Mahmoud' and my in-game nickname'Lucifer!' My old name is PrO. My Real Location (Egypt - Cairo) I am 16 years old ・✶I started MTA in 2014. And first, I was playing in Role Play. And then I liked changing the field and started playing in the FFS server. And then I liked to change the field first I was playing OS (OLD SCHOOL) And I liked changing the field to SHOOTER. It lasted two years on this server. And then I erased the game because of the study. When I got back in 2017, I accessed your 3R server. And I started playing shooter. But I forgot my account, and I created a new one. ・✶ I first will benefit you in war, like clan War I also advise against vandalism, speaking only English, not insulting others, everyday activities in the future. ・✶ My Contact in Discord Mahmoud..X#0100 Join Request - (Shooter)
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