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  1. What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My nickname is shone (mostly in use, sometimes it’s shonehh, shn, all characters uppercase or uppercase first character only), from July 2nd I’m 19 years old and I live in middle-sized town in north-eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Your history in-game: At this point I’m not really sure if I started playing MTA on servers in 2014. or in 2015. because at first I wasn’t much interested in it, also for my introvert ass there was enough fun to play in local server, driving around all alone, but I would say I started playing online in 2015. So, first servers I was visiting were freeroam servers and then I found one (which name I can’t remember sadly but it was freeroam too) with some kind of stunts all around map and with moded cars, there I experienced DM loops for the first time. After maybe a month or two I found MX DD server where I played maybe couple of months or just month (it was maybe May 2015 but not sure). There were mostly cross maps but also one FDD map, which I really liked. Few months later, maybe in the middle of summer I stumbled upon 3R. Before that I already discovered DM mode on smaller servers. But on 3R I found FDD arena, which was paradise for me back then, since I really liked that one FDD map in MX server, and now I had chance to play FDD mode all day. Until the end of summer I was spending a lot of fucking time in that arena. Basically 3R became my - lets call it „homeserver“, but as the time was passing by I was slowly getting tired of FDD (or how it’s called there - Random) and I started playing DD and OS more regularly. To cut long story short, in the 2017. (it was August or September) I started having issues with my laptop and had to stop playing MTA. New age for me starts in the end of 2018. when I started playing MTA again. It started on my „homeserver“ (3R), where I played mostly OS (there it was called Fun at first), then, after few months I decided to start playing in the DM arena. Not much months passed, my first toptimes appearing there. But fun wasn’t the same as before, and in the 2020. (end of spring) I totally moved to ffs and since then ffs became my new „homeserver“. Have you been in any clans?: 6E| Sixth Energy – member, closed; vG’ Vision Gaming – trial, closed (there was an issue with the tag since some older team was already using it, after we discovered it, clan slowly died) (I didn’t listed local clans on servers) Why do you want to join n! ?: Ahm, this clan is introduced to me by my friend who suggested me to write jr (he is already in this clan). Since I want to meet new people and make new friendships, to learn new things and skills from people who are here and also to help this clan grow I decided to try to join this clan. How can you help our community?: Simply said, I want to help by being helpful, loyal and kind to everyone. I can help with clanwars (WFF or DM), I am active on discord, also maybe I can help with other things that didn’t came up onto my mind while writing this and I’m ready to learn new things if needed to help. How can we contact you?: You can contact me via discord: shonethestormtroopr#2092
  2. General Information: Name: +Awaken#' / Tommy Age: 21 Country/Location: Germany (GER) Contact: Discord: Awaken.#4314 About me: Hi! My name is tommy, I'm 21 years old. I live in germany and work as a retail salesman at a gas station. I am helpful and in my spare time I like to play video games like League of Legends, Mta or Rocket League. Ingame History: I started playing mta in 2013 after 3 years playing on TG-Server nearly everyday i was forced to stop playing because of hardware damage. When i came back i was playing on FFS and TG, mostly i played on SKC. Because of private reasons i needed to take another break sadly... since then i am back and ready to take off on lumiverse server. Old Clans: - Team SKC (SKC) - closed - Anime Race (aR) - left - because of private reasons. - Veterans! (v!) - left - was too busy - Skilled Gaming (-sK-) - closed Why i want to join n! ?: Seems like it is a profressional, nice clan and there is a friend in the clan that showed it to me so i want to join and be a part of this great clan. Why me?: I am an active one in discord, mta and i like to search the forum for some news so i'm always up to date also i can help in clan wars or do other tasks like little designs. Additional Information: If you have any questions, that not are answered in my join request i would be glad to answer it also feel free! Greetings, Tommy / +Awaken#'
  3. What's your nickname(s), age and location? My in-game nickname is sharik, if you talk about real name, then Anton. I am currently 17 years old and live in russia Your history in-game: I started playing mta in 2014, i was usually playing at servers with Freeroam or just Race. Of course i got bored of same gameplay and tried to find something new. My first DM server was ffs gaming, firstly i was also playing trials. Until this year, i was always playing classic or os gamemode, but then fully switched to DM Have you been in any clans? Yeah, there is list of them: (All of them are official, i do not list community ones from ffs gaming) Revenge Of Racers (My first official clan) (ReV) (Member) (Retired) Racers xTreme Gamers (RxG) (Trial) (Left) Zodiac (zC) (Leader) (Closed) Sixth Energy (6e) (Leader-Member) (Closed) Why do you want to join n! ? I like this clan, it does have skilled players and one my good friend in it How can you help our community? Sometimes i can be useful on cws (Depends on my luck) I am also always online in discord/being active How can we contact you? Discord: super sharik#1337
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